Ask Slenderman

m0nstermadde-deactivated2013080 said: My alarm clock is broken as well, if you're going to be here, you might as well wake me at 6:00.

I suppøse I cøuld pencil that in.

m0nstermadde-deactivated2013080 said: Is there a reason you're following me? And, by the way, on your way in tonight, would you please try not to kill the flowers?

Øf cøurse there is a reasøn I’m følløwing yøu.
And I will try my very hardest. Nø prømises.

princessofshadowrealm said: Hello Slender Man :) How are you today ?

Hellø Princess,

I’m feeling rather tired. I had quite the …. Struggle with a few øf my …. Cømpaniøns last night…

It’s been quite søme time since any øf my følløwers have asked any questiøns, making this bløg rather pøintless.

megasourusrex said: Slender, why wont you visit me physically you only appear in my dreams and you don't even do anything in them. ;_;....

My child, eventually we will meet. 

These things cannøt be rushed, my dear.


Where are my asks?

My children.

I have 35 følløwers.

But the questiøns have støped.

What have I døne tø anger yøu?

king-for-a-goddamn-day said: You're too modest. You're perfect and that's final.

My dear, yøu are tøø kind.

cr1mson5thestranger-deactivated said: So, question: if, for some reason unknown to man, I was trying to run from you (which I wouldn't, because you are awesome and my best friend and I would very much like to hang out with you sometime), and I tripped and injured myself somehow (because I have terrible luck, that's how), what would you do?

Well, if yøu were running frøm me, yøu wøuld have a reasøn tø be running.

Thereføre, I wøuld likely kill yøu.

king-for-a-goddamn-day said: Far above it.

Nøt even cløse, my dear.

king-for-a-goddamn-day said: Thank you, you're perfect.<3

I am far frøm perfectiøn.

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